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With over 100 years’ engineering expertise, the experienced Conveyor Technology team is renowned throughout the UK and beyond for designing, manufacturing and installing bespoke, high quality materials handling solutions. 

Now Offering Tube and Marine
Tube and Marine have provided machinery for all aspects of food production for over 30 years.  Conveyor Technology are pleased to announce that we will continue to offer the Tube & Marine product range.

General fabrications

Our highly skilled engineers can bring your drawings to life. So, whether you are a food and drink producer, for example, who knows what technology is required but you need a materials handling specialist to create it, or whether you are a design house with no in-house manufacturing capabilities, we can help.

Turn-key solutions


If you’re looking for a ‘cradle to cradle’ solution, Conveyor Technology can design, manufacture, install and commission virtually any type of conveyor system for your production environment. If you enlist us to manage an entire project, you have peace of mind that you’re working with one trusted supplier, with a reputation for quality, throughout.

After sales

Our robust conveying equipment is easy to maintain and built to last. But our materials handling experts will remain on hand to offer ongoing technical advice, service and maintenance packages and reasonably priced spare parts. This after sales support is designed to maximise your return on investment from our bespoke conveying technology.

Worldwide shipping


With dozens of clients throughout the UK, many in the food and drink manufacturing sector, Conveyor Technology also has a growing international client base. This increasingly global reputation for designing and manufacturing industry-leading conveying solutions, sees our team shipping equipment all over the world.

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A key challenge in any production environment is the best utilisation of space, so we manufacture bespoke powered belt bends, on any angle.

An image of a complete depositor system showing the hopper, controls and depositor arm against a plain white background.

Our depositor option ensures you are able to finish your materials to the highest standards. With a range of options that can be customised to suit your specific requirement.

View from above of two blue, parallel modular belt converyors, one of which bends of to the left.

Our range of conveyors cover all your material handling needs. view our range of standalone conveyors which can be combined to for bespoke conveyor systems.

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Flavour drums

Manufactured to virtually any size our double-skinned, stainless steel flavour drums will coat and flavour your products expertly.

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Tanks, pipework, hoppers and screws

Our tanks, small vessels and pipework often prove crucial when it comes to the efficient storage and transit of materials through out your site.

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Robotics & AI (Coming soon)

We are currently working on our all new Robotics and Artificial Intelligence models, driving new levels of efficiency and productivity to your materials handling processes.

Conveyor systems

All of our purpose-built equipment is available as stand-alone products, or we can help you devise a complete conveying system.

a thu
Cooling tunnels

We design and build high performance cooling tunnels to meet varied temperature-controlled specifications including food, chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

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Cutting Technologies (Coming soon)

Whatever your materials cutting needs, we'll have you covered. Want us to let you know when our new range of cutters is released? Contact us...

Tube and Marine Products

Tube and Marine have provided machinery for all aspects of food production for over 30 years.  Conveyor Technology will continue to offer the Tube & Marine product range.  A standard range will be offered compatible with existing equipment and we will still offer products to be designed and built to specification to suit a clients individual needs.  Equipment will be available for testing/product trials.

For any new machine enquires please contact Conveyor Technology Ltd.


Tube & Marine depositors are designed to deal with a wide range of product from fine products such as flours and sugars to heavier products such as seeds.  The depositors can easily be integrated into existing lines.

Depositing rate can be adjusted from the control panel – duration and speed.  If a HMI is fitted full recipe selection will be available.  The depositing area is determined by the tube design.

Equipment Specification

  • Variable depositing rate.
  • Height adjustable.
  • Quick release hopper for cleaning.
  • Spare hoppers available for different products.

Spray & Slitting Systems

Spraying systems are designed to coat baked product in water or glaze.  Either as a stand alone system or to complement the depositor to allow seeds to stick to baked product.

Slitting systems are designed to create the pattern in the top of the baked product.  The slit is created by a high pressure water jet breaking through the skin of the dough.

Each system has its own pumping unit made of stainless steel with an overflow protected water tank which is fed from a mains water supply through a water filter.  Water is pumped to electrically operated spray guns, which are triggered by a product detection sensor.  The guns can be configured in multiples and pneumatic or servo actuators can be incorporated to suit the product requirements.

Equipment Specification

  • Height adjustable pedestal or conveyor mounting.
  • Water tank and filtration system.
  • Pneumatic diaphragm pump with flow damper.
  • Solenoid operated spray guns.
A range of biscuits in production going through a conveyor system.

Food Manufacture

Conveyor Technology is well known when it comes to high-end materials handling equipment for the food and beverage sector.


No matter what the industry and whatever your materials handling requirement is, we will do our utmost to help you.
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Conveyor Technology has an increasingly global reputation for designing and manufacturing the highest quality products to meet your needs.
"The combined engineering expertise in our senior management team alone spans more than 100 years. So whenever we receive a new enquiry, the result is an intuitive conveying solution that we know will work, but that is perfectly tailored to suit the client’s specific requirements."
Stefan Paciukanis
Conveyor Technology Director

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