Close up view of a depositor and arm over a blue conveyor with a plain white background.


Conveyor Technology’s depositing machines provide a high quality solution for food industry depositing applications, with stainless steel construction, interchangeable hoppers and hygienic design throughout.


Depositing systems manufactured by Conveyor Technology can be configured to suit many applications across the food industry. Application examples include depositing product as a topping onto a baked product, or depositing prior to moulding to allow the deposited product to make its way throughout the mixture as the product is moulded.

Specially designed for the depositing of dry bulk products such as seed, granules or powders, the deposit rate of the system can be adjusted to provide optimal coverage.

Available with various levels of control, ranging from a basic machine with a simple terminal box for total control from an external system, to a fully automated system with a human machine interface for recipe control and status monitoring, and including pre-wired connections for typical additional modules.

• Stainless steel construction (316 grade in food contact areas).
• Mobile depositing unit on lockable castors.
• Height adjustable.
• Quick change hopper, allowing use of various hoppers, especially useful where allergen control is required.
• Optional recipe control.
• Machine status monitoring.
• Integrated safety system.
• Diagonal box section framework for strength and hygiene.

Close up view of a depositor and arm over a blue conveyor with a plain white background.

• Stairs for easy access for manual filling.
• Handed configurations of the machinery to suit space constrains/existing production line requirements.
• Alternative control hardware to suit site standards where required.
• Optional additional equipment can be linked to the depositor control system such as:
    – Spray systems to aid adhesion of deposited product or to add a decorative finish.
    – Split systems to add decorative tear like features.
    – Automatic hopper filling Systems to remove the need for frequent manual hopper filling.
    – Overspill recovery systems.
• Tube length to suit required deposit area.