Close up image of industrial pipework an levers in an industrial environment.

Tanks and pipework

Handling materials within a production or manufacturing facility can be a complex task. This is why – in addition to the varied bespoke conveyors that we engineer – we also produce tanks, small vessels and pipes for the efficient storage and transit of goods and ingredients.


Our custom-built tanks and pipework are primarily used in the brewing industry, however we also supply such equipment to chocolate confectionery and preserve manufacturers. Our pipework and valves have even been used in cleaning systems.


With extensive experience in the materials handling industry, our talented product designers and fabricators have encountered many different processing environments across the world. We are therefore well-equipped to listen to your specific requirements and devise high quality solutions that will best fit your needs.

Image of industrial pipework an levers in an industrial environment.

Our tanks and pipework are available as stand-alone products, which can be integrated with other production equipment, or they can be supplied as part of a full materials handling system.