Close up image of a Flavour drum in a factory setting.

Flavour drums

When it comes to the coating and flavouring of products, Conveyor Technology’s double-skinned, stainless steel flavour drums are among the highest quality solutions in the worldwide equipment marketplace.


Engineered to suit clients’ specific requirements, these bespoke drums can be manufactured to virtually any size. Fitted on top of a steel framework with lockable castors or feet, the drum rotates at variable speeds to uniformly coat and flavour the materials inside, without damaging the product.

• Easy cleaning for hygienic food processing
• Built using premium quality raw materials to ensure equipment durability
• Polished internally for mirror finish, and glass bead blasted or polished externally
• Adjustable drum height and angle

Image of a Flavour drum in a factory setting.

• Lifters can be manufactured with various angles/heights, according to clients’ individual requirements. The number of lifters can vary dependent on the drum size and product being flavoured

Our flavour drums are available as stand-alone products, which can be integrated with other production equipment, or they can be supplied as part of a full materials handling system.