Image of two rows of cooling tunnels in an industrial setting.

Cooling tunnels

Our bespoke cooling tunnels are primarily used in the commercial processing of food, such as chocolate, but the technology is also ideally suited to other temperature controlled environments such as the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. We simply listen to your manufacturing requirements and design the equipment to suit your specific needs.


These high performance cooling tunnels work by using a conveyor system to pull products through the refrigerated unit. Doors on both sides of the tunnel enable easy access, and our specialist industry experience means we know how to optimise cooling efficiency, thus safeguarding the quality of the products inside.

• Easy access panels supported by gas struts
• Cleaning and maintenance simplicity
• Solid decks to provide full belt support and product stability
• Engineered by materials handling specialists with over 100 years’ combined experience
• Built using premium quality materials to ensure a high-end, long-lasting product

Image of two rows of cooling tunnels in an industrial setting.

• Our cooling tunnels can be constructed in cost effective mild steel or stainless steel for extra durability
• Various drive units available, depending on the conveyor length, belt type and application
• Continuous or discontinuous cooling systems available
• Water chilled beds can be incorporated for extra cooling

Our cooling tunnels are available as stand-alone products, which can be integrated with other production equipment, or they can be supplied as part of a full materials handling system.